A Father's Funeral and a Memory Unit

Today I am grateful for safe travels and good visits with friends and family. I am also grateful for the farm time and experiences my son Sam got.

When I was visiting family this past week, I was able to attend the funeral for my friend Melissa's father. Her father had suffered significant physical pain in recent months and years. The family found some comfort in the end of his pain. Melissa also shared a wonderful story about faith, golf, and coincidences. It is their story to tell, but I am grateful I heard it. It reminds me of the power-human and beyond-that allow for smiles of hope through grief.  

I also went with my mom to visit her sisters-in-law, my aunts, in the nursing home. Sad to say, but I had not been there in a long time. Too long. I appreciate that we went this time though. One aunt is 90 and still sharp of mind, even though her body betrayed her with MS decades ago.

My other aunt is 85, just a few months older than my mom. She had been moved to the memory unit in recent weeks. It was difficult to witness her agitated and confused state while we were there, but that is the nature of dementia. Some days are better than others.

My mom and I left after visiting briefly. I can only guess what it is like for Mom to visit there and then be able to return to her fairly independent life. I know what I was thinking when we left though:

Life is precious. Life is fragile. Treat it as such. Every hour of every day. 


  1. Absolutely. Every hour of everyday.

    1. And when I start to forget this, I will try to pause, soak up the moment and the gifts within it, and get back on track. Thanks!


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