Time as Teacher

Today I am grateful for my friends and a newcomer at breast cancer support group last evening, and for the years of combined living we have since our diagnoses.

Years. Months. Days. Minutes. Moments. Precious time, no matter how it is measured. I appreciated my sister Danita's most recent post on her blog "Aging Wrinkles and Wonders" titled
What Time is It? 

I read the honest words of my sister and paused to consider my own perception and use of time. It is usually easy to find the literal answer to "What time is it?" It is a far deeper endeavor to explore what I am doing with my time. Is it well spent or wasted?

Time is to be cherished, yet I can squander it as well as anyone. Make no mistake, doing nothing and squandering time are NOT the same thing. Sometimes pausing, resting, sitting and doing nothing is the best use of time. Squandering is wasting it in worry or waiting or wondering what to do.

Is my time going to who and what I love? Isn't that really the goal of a rich life?

Time will continue to unfold in minutes and hours. The trick for me is how I experience that unfolding. Overdoing and overthinking? Or pausing and practicing presence?

Danita's post ended with this quote:
"Time is a great teacher, but unfortunately, it kills all its pupils."  (Louis Hector Berlioz)

Am I waiting to be killed by time, or am I living the lessons it has taught me?


  1. Yeah sisters!
    Is my time going to who and what I love? Great question.

    1. And a good question to ask myself throughout the day. Yes, we have to work and do household tasks, but they can be done lovingly too.Thanks!

  2. Such great thoughts on time Lisa. It is a concept that is so important. My time is my lifetime!

    1. I think of how I used to fight time and now I "try easier" to go with the flow of time. Thanks!


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