Passing Storms

Today I am grateful for a visit with Darcy's family, for flashlights, laughter, and safety during recent storms.

(I am posting from my phone this morning, so I can't guarantee what the format will look like.)

This is the time of year when passing thunderstorms are not uncommon in our humid climate. We had some strong ones move through last evening. Wind, rain, and lightning put on quite a show. Then, we lost power. That was about 10 hours ago and we are still without it. 

We are not alone, as news reports say over 140,000 in our metro area have been impacted by power outages. It will affect our plans for today and require some patience and flexibility, but we are fortunate it is just a power outage.

The storms in some people's lives have  caused devastation and floods of grief. I am thinking about my friend's young nephew who just died of cancer, never reaching his 10th birthday. And those with active addictions, creating tornadoes  of their own and a widening path of destruction as they continue to use.

The storms of cancer and alcoholism have rolled through my life too. Yet, I am here, alive and well on my 51st birthday. There may not be any electricity running right now, but gratitude is running deep and strong.