Adding Up: A 3 x 3

Today I am grateful for time with friends last evening and for the way gratitude practice has multiplied the amount of peace I feel.

One of the practices I sometimes use is a little equation I have dubbed 3 x 3, but any combination works. I create a list of three gratitudes, and then I give 3 reasons why each of those three bring me appreciation. 

1. My friends in recovery

a. They understand me in ways no one else can.
b. Compassion and unconditional love anyone?
c. We share mutual respect. 

2. Laughter

a. It creates more laughter.
b. It means I am comfortable with those around me.
c. Like a smile, it means the same thing in all languages.

3. My breast prostheses

a. They help my clothes fit better. 
b. They can be easily cleaned.
c. Always a perky pair.

Consider doing your own 3 x 3 and I welcome seeing it in the comments. Have a good day!  


  1. My 3x3 - 1. children
    a. they are unconditional
    b. they are too young to hate
    c. they make me cry with joy.
    2. Outdoors
    a. I love the beauty of the flowers
    b. Our garden gives us a bounty we cannot buy.
    c. Just sitting out their listening to the birds and watching the sky.
    3. Sewing/knitting.
    a. It is the one thing that makes me feel creative
    b. I can make one of a kind items.
    c. I try to make truly useful items.

    1. Thanks for your sharing Lana! I like how doing this 3 x 3 adds up to more than 9. We already have 12 on our lists. :-)


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