Today I am grateful for my mother-in-law Marlene's visit and for our front and back patios and the enjoyment we get out of each. I am also grateful to see our son Sam play with his little nephew Leo.

Yesterday on my run, I saw this train car stopped with a few other cars on the bridge in our downtown. I think it's artwork versus anything official, though it was a bit hard to tell. It caught my eye and I took a quick picture.

Then it caught my mind. I had a few more miles left on my run, and I pondered seldom things.

I seldom:
-run out of reasons to be grateful
-fear for my safety in my community and in general 
-go to bed angry
-am lonely
-wonder why I keep writing
-feel bored
-feel sorry for myself anymore
-compare my insides to other people's outsides
-lose hope and motivation

And the key to all of these positives? I seldom forget to practice gratitude.