The Blessings of Blogging

Today I am grateful for self-forgiveness and for hats that keep sweat out of my eyes on a run.

Now that I have two blogs I am writing, I am feeling even more focused. And more blessed. It took me some time to get comfortable with this format, but now I am. What I really appreciate and could not have anticipated is what this format allows me as a writer.

I can compose a post in a few minutes if I wish (though my other blog takes more planning). I can write a draft in my notebook or on a piece of paper, or use my phone on the go to get one started. Often, like now, I use our computer.

I am old-fashioned and still hang on to the significance of putting pen to paper. I always will do some of that. It is the most direct path from heart, to head, to hand that I know.

The real blessing of blogging though, is that I make time for it. I post to "Habitual Gratitude" usually pretty early in the day. So before I have done too many other things, I have honored my writing and my gratitude practice by giving them each some time. What a gift. What a healthy and calming way to start the day.