The "Tough Mudder" Experience

Today I am grateful for the successful completion of the "Tough Mudder" yesterday for my husband and stepson. I am also grateful for a wave from a friend in recovery as he drove by this morning when I was out walking our dog. 

It is a real experience to experience the "Tough Mudder" event. It began with a long wait in a line of cars. Thankfully, there were some well-placed porta-pots in that line for both participants and spectators. 

We knew we were finally getting close to the venue when we saw this:

The day included 10 + miles and 20 + obstacle options for my husband Darcy and stepson Arthur. Quality father-son time. Hours on the course. Mud everywhere by the time they were done. But they got done and were still in one piece and I am very grateful for that.

My son Sam and I logged a few miles of our own as spectators and saw Darcy and Arthur in action on the course numerous times. Unfortunately, we missed them finishing. That was a disappointment but not a detriment to what was an overall interesting new experience for all of us except Arthur. 
He is now a 3-time Tough Mudder finisher. I am proud of both of them! 

There were thousands of participants and spectators yesterday. Each with their own unique experience of the event. And their own reasons to be grateful. Mine included the safe finish for my loved ones, being able to be there to support them, and by day's end things like showers, a working washer and dryer, and a good meal for some hungry folks.


  1. Sounds like fun? Not sure, but an adventure as Roger would say. An adventure is surely a gratitude attitude.

    1. I won't be signing up to participate, but it was fun to find out what it's all about. I think Roger would have enjoyed something like this. Sam says he would like to do one when he is old enough. Darcy says likely one and done. Arthur has more in his future plans. Grateful for no injuries for sure!


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