Unbridled Joy

Today I am grateful for bike rides, perspectives and connections made, and for this little guy and his unbridled joy:

This is our grandson Leo and he spent a good portion of the weekend with us. The smile and energy he exudes in this picture captures what can be aptly described as unbridled joy. Toddlers are uninhibited in their curiosity. That is why they need to be watched closely, but it is also why they are so fun to be around. A bug, a different book, something to look at out the window can all be met with a curiosity that keeps things fresh.

Two-year olds have irrepressible get-up-and-go. When they slow down, you know they are truly tired or they are coming down with something. This energy wears off on others. Yes, it can wear grandpa and grandma out too, but in a good way.

So we enjoyed the time with Leo, witnessing his delight as he played at the park or sat next to our dog Oliver.

There is plenty of heaviness around, with news of cancer deaths and a friend's parent passing away.
That is tempered with the unbridled joy of Leo and other toddlers, reminding us that today awaits. Bring energy and curiosity to it, along with some gratitude. Onward!