Today I am grateful for coffee, bananas, a new day.

Apathetic kicks off the A-Z feelings list. I have considered apathetic to be a feeling or trait to avoid, that I wouldn't want used to describe me. But I have also tried to keep an open mind. That same mind that is often prone to overthinking and over analyzing.

Maybe, just maybe, some apathy now and then can actually be a saving grace. We'll call it temporary apathy.  I'm too tired tonight, that post idea can wait until tomorrow. A little more dust in the corner won't hurt any of us. The clothes will still be there to wash in the morning.

Those feelings of fear, frustration, resentment, loss? I have to take a break from them because they are exhausting my head and heart. Maybe tomorrow or next week I can feel them and work through them a little.

Temporary apathy may just allow enough of a break to regroup and get back moving in the right direction. Sure, it can be a slippery slope. If "I couldn't care less" is getting applied to too many instances, I need a dose of gratitude to help me find my passions and priorities back.

Apathetic:  showing or feeling no interest, enthusiasm, or concern.