Today I am grateful for the smell of freshly cut grass this morning as I ran past the golf course we live near. I am also grateful for healthy flax seed to add to my dietary intake.

After many miles of travel and being away from our home for several days, I especially welcomed being back in our own space, our own bed, surrounded by our familiar stuff.

But I still appreciate these words from James Baldwin:

"Perhaps home is not a place but simply an irrevocable condition."  

I most often think of home as a place, yet I appreciate considering it as a condition; thoughts or emotions that I can carry with me wherever I am. I do like our physical home, the rooms we have, the outdoor space we can enjoy, and much more.

As I think about home as an irrevocable condition, I am most grateful for my recovery from alcoholism. It has brought me home in ways that nothing else could have. I was destroying myself with alcohol and alcoholic thinking. Recovery has made me comfortable in my own skin, with my own heart and soul.

That is a wonderful way to describe home, and a reminder to me to keep doing daily work for my daily disease.

Home is also the comfort of waking up next to my husband, in whatever state or city we find ourselves. It means being with family and friends who I trust and am at ease with. It means a peaceful sigh and a feeling that I am right where I should be at this moment.

What does home mean to you?