Today I am grateful for another sweet, ripe peach to enjoy this morning for breakfast. I am also grateful for the opportunities I have in my local community to connect with others in recovery, and the many benefits I get from those connections.

Feeling content about life is a true gift. I spent much of my earlier years in a state of discontent. A little worrier, a little starved for attention, a little stuck in a counterproductive train of thought.

Look up the definition of content and you will find things like "a state of peaceful happiness or satisfaction." Feeling satisfied in the present moment.

Being content isn't a constant state, for me or for anyone I know. But it is a state I can achieve and sustain more readily than I used to. And I have a growing repertoire, a toolkit if you will, of things that help me find and maintain contentment.

Connecting with people I care about, in person or via phones and other technology. Disciplined recovery practices. Running. Writing. Reading. Grateful living. Sitting or walking in nature. Pauses in a busy day. Deep breaths at a hectic time. 

Content with the content of my days and my thoughts. More than before. What a blessing!

What brings you peace and contentment?