Lots of Miles, Smiles, and Gratitude

Today I am grateful for safe travels to and from a very nice visit with my sister Leonice and sister-in-law Annie. I am also grateful to return to one of my favorite, favorite places--the Oregon Coast.

Darcy and I flew 3,000 miles round-trip to Oregon, and I drove 600 miles to drop Sam off and pick him back up at one of his favorite places--my family's farm in Iowa. So very grateful we were able to make this trip and for the safe travels all around.

I sure appreciated giving my sister Leonice the hug I have been waiting to give her since first hearing of her cancer diagnosis in April. She has completed four of six rounds of chemo and was doing well during our visit. She kept active and that was encouraging to me. It was also reminiscent of my own chemo days. When I was able to work, or exercise, or be out and about, I felt better and like I was going to be okay. That means a lot in the thick of cancer treatment.

Here the two of us are shortly after arriving at Neskowin Beach:

We are sporting smiles and the shirts of our hometown--Ossian, Iowa. That's the thing about siblings. We have much shared experience, and we have our own lives too. Cancer diagnoses and chemo treatments are now part of our shared experience, but so are memories of our youth and the new memories created and conversations shared on this recent trip.

There were many miles covered, smiles shared, and gratitude cultivated. It was a great trip.
Thank you Leonice and Annie!


  1. I'm glad L has such family support :)

    1. Leonice has always been a consistent source of support for all of us, so it is her turn to receive the support. Thank you Jenny.


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