Tiny 'Tudes

Today I am grateful for a nice morning to relax on our front patio with Darcy. I am also grateful for dark roast coffee.

Thank you to my blogging sister Aileen for this mention on her blog Poetic License: Poetry and Commentary on Current Events:

Tiny 'tudes*
*bits of gratitude ='tudes
For my sister Lisa Holthaus Valentine and her ongoing commitment to gratitude.

Dry right now
can't handle
big gulps of gratitude,
but can quell
my thirst for appreciation
with tiny 'tudes.
Will savor
sips of flavor
thru the day
and feed my
appetite for wonder
with little plates
of thanks
artfully arranged,
garnished with grace.
For dessert
I shall devour
one divine sweetness,
a final tiny 'tude.

Wishing you lots of tiny 'tudes and some big ones too.
Here are some of mine:
-the adorable, questioning sound my cat Oscar makes
-the baby green heads of perennials breaching the soil
-fun words like: petulant, flummoxed, prattle

Please share your 'tudes.
A big thank you!

Here are some of my recent tiny 'tudes:
-Leo's laugh 
-the smell of Palmolive dish soap
-the memory of fresh kohlrabi from our garden in my youth
-the sound leaves make in a gentle breeze
-a clean towel after a shower
-ballpoint pens
-the first intake of fresh morning air as I step outside

Thanks Aileen for your reminders to savor and sip what this day will bring! You are each welcome to add to our list of tiny 'tudes.


  1. A few of my 'tudes -
    the welcoming hug of a child
    the smell of the fresh plowed earth
    walking barefoot on the clean floor
    breakfast and the newspaper

  2. A few tiny 'tudes
    - the way little Max says new words
    - the birds in the early morning
    - sleeping with the bedroom window open
    - music from my youth

  3. Thanks Lana and Steve! And here's a few more tiny 'tudes:
    -peanut butter on a warm bagel
    -a new recipe
    -helpful kitchen utensils
    -sitting, just sitting


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