Outdoor Seating

Today I am grateful for comfortable couches and for a splash of almond milk in my coffee. I am also
grateful for hearty laughter and funny TV shows (I don't watch much TV, but recommend Mom and Life in Pieces.)

I am enjoying outdoor seating on our back patio this morning. I try to partake of this on many summer mornings. Sometimes I sit on our front patio, sometimes on the back patio. I am grateful to have a home and two nice patio areas. I am also grateful for my husband Darcy and his knack for creating calm and colorful spaces in these areas.

I love the early mornings, the fresh start to a day. I have always been a morning person and sleeping in for me is 6:00 a.m.  I don't want to miss this time.

Darcy, Sam, and I enjoyed outdoor seating of another kind the other evening. We went to a local restaurant that has added an outdoor patio area. It is a great space in a great location in our downtown. I am grateful for this new space to enjoy as well, and for our community and all of its appealing attractions.

Outdoor seating puts me in nature, puts me amidst sights and sounds that seem richer and fuller to me than many indoor sights and sounds. I appreciate the opportunity to slow down and start this day with some outdoor time.

Where is your favorite outdoor seating? I hope you are able to enjoy time there soon.