Ease or Dis-ease?

Today I am grateful for a good training run yesterday and time to myself, and for time to write, read, and relax. I am also grateful for the gentle and cool breeze I am feeling this morning after a hot and humid day yesterday.

One of the phrases from one of the meditation tracks I have been listening to and practicing is:

"May you/I have ease of being."

Ease of being. Sounds good to me. Sounds tough too. Accepting life on life's terms. Patience. Faith.

Ease of being. Try easier. Resist less. Thinking less often helps too. Let life unfold, or cause it to unravel?

I am sitting outside right now and the sun is preparing to rise in our part of the world. It dawned on me (pun intended) that the sun has ease of being. It does what it does at the same pace each day. It doesn't rush or worry. It just is. And I am very grateful it just is, because we sure need it.

If I don't achieve ease of being, am I living in dis-ease? There is plenty of gray area between those two. I can strive for ease of being, I can wish it for you as you read this, and for others I have in my thoughts today because of struggles or celebrations. Ease of being 100% of the time isn't realistic for me, for any of us.

The times of dis-ease, when heightened to make us uncomfortable, are trying to tell us to look at something, face a fear or emotion, take an action that is needed. Even the times of dis-ease help lead us back to ease of being.

Ease of being. This phrase alone, in the midst of meditation practice and focusing on breathing, helps me feel more calm, helps me think more kindly of others. And myself. It's a good start. A few words matter. Focus on breath matters. An open mind and heart matters.


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    1. There is something very gentle and calming about it isn't there?


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