94 Hungry Kids in Haiti

Today I am grateful for the conversations I had with siblings yesterday, and for FaceTime so I can see them across the miles. I am also grateful for the opportunity to volunteer at Feed My Starving Children.

Darcy and I joined several others from our church and then other volunteers at the FMSC site. You can read more about the wonderful work Feed My Starving Children does at their website. We knew where the meals we helped pack were going to be shipped, and through good organization and planning, agencies working on the other end assure that the meals get where they are needed.

Darcy and I worked back in the warehouse, assembling and labeling the boxes that the food packs are shipped in. It was fairly easy work and we made good progress, even being able to help out the next shift with some labeling. Here we are donning our required hairnets:

During the shift we participated in, 159 boxes were filled, meaning over 34,000 meals got packed. 
That is enough to feed 94 hungry children in Haiti for a year. Some of those 94 children may have been on the brink of starvation. Some may have been eating clay cookies to help ease the hunger pains. 

It was humbling and gratifying work. And a good reminder. I have never gone hungry in my life, except by choice. I have never wondered if my family and I would have a next meal, only what it might consist of. I haven't spent hours and hours simply trying to find enough food to live on for another day. 

Today I give thanks for the Feed My Starving Children organization and all whose donations and time make it possible to feed children around the world. I give thanks for the food in our refrigerator and cupboards. I give thanks for the car I can drive to the local grocery store and the money I have to purchase a variety of food for my family.

Knowing I have a next meal waiting is a significant blessing indeed. Over 800,000 people around the world don't have that blessing. Over 6000 children die each day worldwide from starvation.

The least I can do is appreciate the food I am blessed with, take the time to enjoy it mindfully, and not waste it. 


  1. Bless you and Darcy for your gift of your time and kindness. What a great and thoughtful thing to do. You certainly make me think about my eating, waste and how I have certain dislikes. After I read "The Hiding Place", I couldn't waste. My hat's off to you.

    1. We are fortunate to live just 20 minutes from FMSC. Thousands of volunteers go through their doors every year. My goal is to get there more often.


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