Today I am grateful for time with our grandson Leo last evening and earlier today, and his vibrant smile. I am also grateful for my sense of touch and the simple pleasure of a cooling breeze this morning.

Yesterday on my way home from work, on a multi-lane highway, one particular vehicle seemed to be in a big hurry and was swerving between all three lanes trying to get a few cars ahead.

And that was about as much as they did, got a few cars, a few seconds, ahead. I wonder if that made the driver feel better. They were erratic and a danger to themselves and the rest of us.

Perhaps something bad had just happened and they were in a hurry to get to a loved one. Or maybe they were angry about something and taking it out on the roadway. I mustered some compassion for that driver, and then gave thanks that it wasn't me. And I kept my distance. Whatever they were up to, I didn't want to be too close. To that negative energy. To that recklessness. 

Some days I feel like that driver and vehicle, swerving through my day. Switching tasks, switching thoughts, switching emotions in a pretty big hurry. There isn't much calm and peace in that.

As I try to practice more mindful meditation in recent weeks, I am reminded to return to my breath. The centering and grounding that can happen by simply pausing and noticing my breathing for a breath or two is palpable. The air going in, my abdominal area rising and falling, the feeling of life-giving breath sustaining me.

Swerving through my day or breathing in the moment? I have a choice. We all do. And even if we start swerving, the brake of breathing in and out can always be applied. 


  1. Great analogy... and yes that feels like me sometimes too. Thank you for sharing.

    1. The key is recognizing sooner, rather than later, that I am swerving. Less damage is done then and everyone is safer. My own thoughts are safer.
      Thanks Steve!


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