Today I am grateful for the various birds greeting us humans this morning. I am grateful for dear friends and our deep connections. 

I am thinking of my seven sisters today, especially my sister Leonice. She got her head shaved on Saturday, a little over two weeks out from her first chemo treatment. In late September of 2008, also on a Saturday two weeks out from my first chemotherapy treatment, I got my head shaved too. 

I appreciated being able to FaceTime with Leonice the other day, and to see her with her new look, courtesy of this damn cancer she has and the treatment being aimed at it. I remember feeling quite vulnerable, and also finally looking the part of cancer patient, four months out from my diagnosis.

It's a feeling and a place you can't fully grasp emotionally and mentally until you've walked through it. Keep walking Leonice.

I also appreciate that my sister Zita is out visiting with Leonice this week, that two of the four "chemo sisters" are hanging out together for a few days. Leonice has her second round of chemo on Thursday. 

The word solidarity comes to mind. Unity. Cohesion. Mutual support. I feel solidarity with my sisters. With fellow recovering alcoholics. With friends who are genuine and let me be the same. 

And with this guy--my husband Darcy. I got frustrated yesterday afternoon looking for some pictures of me taken during and right after getting my head shaved. I wanted to show solidarity with Leonice. I wasn't able to locate them. They exist, but I have too many cancer artifacts in too many places. They will show up sooner or later. 

But I did come across this one of Darcy and I, taken later in 2008 or early in 2009. My hair had begun to grow back a little, and Darcy, who now always keeps his hair short, had gotten a buzz to show solidarity with his cancer-stricken wife. My puffy cheeks are thanks to chemo and the other drugs that go with it. 

My health returned. It took time, but it did. That is my biggest hope and desire for you Leonice--a return to health.  I wish I could be there with you this week too, but the support is freely flowing your way, as are prayers. Sisters in solidarity!


  1. Keep reminding my of Leonice. I neglected to put her on my prayer list. She is there now but a reminder is always best.

    1. Thanks Lana! When I add people to my prayer list, I often have to write them down first until my brain remembers. :-) Prayers matter.

    2. Sisters in solidarity - strength in solidarity. Thanks Lisa.


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