A Nose for Gratitude

Today I am grateful for all five of my senses, and especially my sense of smell this morning. I am also grateful for Darcy's support of my writing endeavors.

I gave myself a little assignment earlier today: notice the smells around you. Here are some that I appreciated in the short while I was especially paying attention:

*The smell of fresh coffee brewing, and then in my cup heading to my mouth.
*The scent of our laundry detergent and freshener.
*The way rain smells as it falls and then in the minutes and hours after it is done and before
the ground and streets get dry.
*The egg whites I fried for breakfast.
*Our wet dog Oliver.
*My new gratitude journal and the pen I use. Subtle scents, but they are there.
*The banana I had, and realizing that I could probably close my eyes and smell a banana
and tell you if it is still ripening, just ripe, or overly so.
*The faint hint of car exhaust mixed in with the rain as I walked Oliver.
*The newness of the most recent issue of a magazine we subscribe to.

And for each of these olfactory gifts, I could list several more reasons to be grateful. That is the nature of gratefulness. When you find some, it leads to more.

Smell your way through the gratitudes that today can offer.


  1. Love this one Lisa. A great idea. Could do this with every sense.

    1. Thanks Steve! I am trying to incorporate this more into my daily practices. Even a few minutes of focusing on one sense can bring a strong sense of presence.


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