An Eclectic Mix

Today I am grateful for time with current and former colleagues last evening. I am also grateful for the relationships that I have built over the years with an eclectic mix of people.

I was pondering this eclectic mix this morning, as I appreciated the time last evening sharing conversation with several women I have worked with over the last 17 years. Some retired long ago, some more recently. Some are only just now moving on to other pursuits. Some of us will head back to school together in August. An eclectic mix of educators, mothers, grandmothers, wives, sisters, with an eclectic mix of hobbies and interests. Thanks for the time together ladies!

An eclectic mix also describes the people I have met in recovery. Other than our shared disease of alcoholism/addiction, I can't think of anything else that would have brought these wonderful, interesting, and deeply genuine people into my life. I am so grateful for them.

And I continue to consider the people I have connected with because of running, writing, breast cancer, and other avenues. What a blessing each and every one of these connections are.

Onward to make more connections today. Have a good day!