Four Sounds

Today I am grateful for my sense of hearing and that one of the things I could hear this morning was a phone conversation with my friend Sheila.

I also tuned in to what I was hearing as Darcy and I took a run earlier today.

There were four sounds I focused on:

1. The birds singing their various songs. I am not a good birder and couldn't identify all that I was hearing, but there were at least five or six different birds we heard. Just like humans have different languages and accents, birds have so many different sounds.

2. The traffic flowing. We were mostly running in a residential area, so it wasn't loud traffic. More the approaching vehicle, the hum of engines and the grind of tires, then the retreating sound as the vehicle moved away. And in the distance, the sound of traffic at highway speed. The traffic sounds are oddly soothing to me. They seem to tell me the day is a normal one with normal activities.

3. The sound of our feet hitting the sidewalk, trails, and roads that we ran on. I could hear Darcy's feet in a different way than I heard and felt my own. Both sounds reminded me of the gratitude I have
that we can both run and that we share this time together.

4. My own breathing. We weren't pushing our pace today, so my breaths in and out were pretty smooth. And a reminder to me of the air that I am freely given and the life it provides.

Four sounds. Plenty of gratitude. What are you hearing today that brings you gratefulness?


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