Sensory Overload or Loaded Senses

Today I am grateful for our home and for working air conditioning. We needed it after humidity made
a quick return.

I am thinking especially of my sister Leonice as she has her third round of chemotherapy later today. This is round 3, so after today she will be halfway through.

Sensory overload is a term I think we can all understand, and I think it is becoming more common than is good for us. Various screens beckon us. A full and busy schedule keeps us going from one thing to another. We are bombarded with sounds, images, demands, going to and from, in and out.

I prefer loaded senses. This is when I take the time to pause and pay attention to what my senses are sensing. It brings me back to the present moment. It slows me down. It helps me find some calm and gratitude.

Yesterday I took a chance as I headed out for a mid-morning run. It had rained on and off for hours, but wasn't raining when I left. I knew it would be hit or miss if I would stay dry the whole way. But I don't mind running in the rain.

I was already tuning in to sights like the reflections I could see in the puddles of rain on the trail or the family of finches that flew off as I rounded a corner, and sounds like the breeze in the trees and my breathing.

Then the rain returned. I appreciated the new sounds and smells, and the way the rain felt on my skin. We had a nice run together, the rain and I. Loaded senses left me feeling energized and blessed.

My goals today: Avoid sensory overload. Seek loaded senses.

I will be taking a blog break and will be back after the 4th of July. Have a good day and a good weekend!


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