Properly Charged

Today I am grateful for a pleasant visit with my friend Betsy and the pleasant weather to go with it.  I am also grateful for daily recovery and the people who support me in it.

It struck me recently the role that chargers now play in our lives. They are prevalent in our home for our three phones and one computer. We have phone chargers in various places so you never have to go far if you need one. My work computer and our home computer use the same charger, so that is also a nice convenience when I am doing some work at home.

We are device-dependent now more than ever. Which also makes us charger dependent as well.
My husband and son will let their phone charge levels get fairly low before they plug in to a charger. Mine rarely gets below 50% before I am making sure it is recharging. That kind of summarizes my approach to life and always trying to be on top of things.

Properly charged devices can help things go smoothly, but it's only one part of an equation that also includes things like WiFi reception and internet speed. A charged device doesn't guarantee a whole lot.

Which led my brain down a different path. How do I keep myself properly charged?  What energy source do I plug in to regularly? Rest is important, as is proper fuel. I do pretty well with these, but some days are better than others.

Gratefulness is a great source of proper energy and perspective. I try to stay tuned to it daily, and throughout the day. It takes practice and it takes action, but it gives me far more meaning in life than
any fully-charged piece of technology ever will.

Are you properly charging your heart, soul, and mind today?