Stain Removers

Today I am grateful for working and reliable vehicles, and for moments in time that remind us of the precious and fragile nature of life.

The other morning I soaked Sam's dirty football uniform, stained with dirt and grass. I have done this numerous times over the years, with baseball uniforms too. Sometimes it feels a little tedious, but I am usually happy with the results.And I pause to appreciate my son's healthy involvement in activities he enjoys.

Add stain remover, soak, scrub. Repeat. Then throw in the washer and let automation take over the job. It occurred to me the other day that after years of doing this, the times are getting fewer. Not only because Sam is already a junior in high school, but also because our home field will be turf next year, as are many high school football fields already. Less dirt and grass, less soaking and scrubbing.

I am grateful for indoor plumbing, hot water, a sink, and stain remover I can purchase.

What about the stains on our hearts, in our minds, maybe even etched on our souls? Can they be removed?  Do they become a part of our new landscape?  Some of both I believe.

Living gratefully is a way to work stains out, or into the fabric of our lives in surprising ways.