Keep Living the Gifts . . .

Today I am grateful for daily recovery from a daily disease, time at the park with our grandson Leo, and a weekend that felt like a weekend. It still went too fast, but it was rejuvenating.

I am also grateful for my husband Darcy's support of my recovery and for his sermon yesterday at church, reminding us all to choose our words and actions carefully and kindly.

I was in conversation with some other recovery folks the other day and we were talking about not taking sobriety and recovery for granted. They truly are tremendous gifts and so many other blessings in our lives stem from them.

Keep living the gifts of . . .
-sobriety and recovery
-the present moment
-supportive relationships
-growing spirituality
-strengthened families
-service to others

There's nothing like a few recovering alcoholics talking about how grateful they are to have survived their drinking days and the days since. Gut-wrenching drinking stories and gut-wrenching living stories since.

Physical sobriety and emotional and spiritual recovery in no way guarantee smooth sailing through life. Some of us have faced bigger challenges in recovery than we did when we were drinking. Recovery does guarantee us access to tools that will help us through the challenges that inevitably come along. There is nothing worth drinking over.

There is a profound grace to the opportunities recovery presents. I never want to take my recovery or this day ahead for granted. Living gratefully helps me honor that goal.

Keep living the gifts . . .