It Bears Repeating

Today I am grateful for safe travels to and from Iowa this weekend, the family time together, a scenic walk on Saturday morning and run on Sunday morning.

Conversations with my mom anymore include plenty of repeats. As her memory continues to fade and dementia symptoms worsen, she repeats herself frequently and has phrases, questions, and fixations that we hear often. It is a lesson in acceptance and patience, and sad and humbling to witness. 

There are other aspects of a visit to my family that I welcome repeating. Time on the farm during my favorite season. Seeing people I don't get to see often. Playing cards. Going for walks and out for coffee. Food shared. The chance to spend time together reminiscing, catching up, laughing, eating. Creating new memories. 

Another opportunity I fully appreciate repeating is to go for a run on the neighbor’s land that borders my family’s farm. It is a beautiful area with trees, ponds, and roads suitable for safe running. I went for a run early yesterday morning and it was all I could have hoped for. The sun through the trees. A light fog above the water. Birds singing and leaves gently falling. Just me and a few friendly critters.

I have been enjoying this area for nearly 40 years and it is one of my favorite places to visit. The run was just what I needed; for my body, heart, mind, and soul.

Running is something that never gets old for me to repeat. Living gratefully is the same. The action may be repeated, but it's new and fresh each time. Each run is refreshing in and of itself. Each action geared toward living gratefully is a new action in a new moment.

Running and living gratefully. These definitely bear repeating.