Connections and Disconnections

Today I am grateful for being disconnected to one thing allowing me to connect to other things differently. I am also grateful for comfortable shoes.

I am very appreciative this morning as well of my sisters Ruth and Zita and their visit Friday into Saturday. They drove up in time to see Sam's football game and despite some persistent mist, we enjoyed the game and watched them attain their fifth victory of the season. I am grateful our nephew Carson, Zita's son, could make it too and that we got to meet his girlfriend Megan for the first time.

Zita, Ruth, and I have traveled many miles over the years to take in the various activities and events in our children's lives. It is one of the many ways we stay connected. Thanks for coming and I am grateful you had safe travels.

The game was an away game at a school near the school I work at, so we also brought Zita and Ruth there to check it out. I have worked there for 18 years and it was the first time family besides my immediate family had seen it. Connecting family to an important locale in my life.

When I sat down to start this post on Friday morning, I had already decided to sit in a different spot to do my blogging. It's good to mix it up, change our view, come at things from a different angle. Then I discovered that our internet connection was down. The connection we often take for granted was disconnected.

Posting from my phone is possible, but not always an easy process. I was also short on time, so I headed to work without posting. That was a different feeling for me. I usually plan the days I don't post, and my regular readers know that Saturdays are my typical day off. When I am not going to post for a few days, I let people know. I felt a little out of sorts to not be able to post Friday morning, but it gave me perspective as well. Stuff happens. That was a minor thing. No big deal. An opportunity to let go of an unmanageable and proceed mindfully into the day ahead.

Connecting with family. Connecting with other football fans as we cheered on our team. Connecting in conversation as my sisters and I took a walk, connecting with nature at the same time. Connecting with gratitude to the present moment and to the value in disconnecting to devices as well. Connecting with my husband Darcy as we ran midday yesterday, as my feet connected with pavement on each footfall. Connecting with my son Sam via a hug, with our dog Oliver via pat on his head. Connecting to friends and family via text messages.

Disconnecting from too many expectations, from news feeds that become disconcerting, from my phone for chunks of time during my day. These and other healthy disconnections enhance the connections I make.

Today I will strive to connect to healthy sources of energy and disconnect from what zaps me in
unhealthy ways.