Gentle Reminders

Today I am grateful for my hearing and the soothing comfort of the typical sounds we hear. I am also grateful for my recovery from alcoholism, day by day.

As I considered the gentle disciplines and practices of mindfulness and living gratefully, I received some gentle reminders of my priorities.

My overall health and well-being start with my recovery from alcoholism. Without that, I stand to lose everything else. I do daily work for my daily disease, but when things get hectic and the pace harried, I may be going through the motions and not applying the emotional commitment.

So as I drove to work yesterday morning, striving to be mindfully present, I noticed the car in front of me had "whiskey plates" on it. These are license plates that Minnesotans convicted of drunk driving may be required to use for a time. Good reminder to me to not take sobriety for granted. I was a drunk driver. I survived and also didn't cause accidents involving others. For this, I am truly grateful.

As I hit the on ramp for my next stretch of roadway and merged into traffic, I noticed a second car in front of me also had whiskey plates. I smiled to myself. The Great Spirit/Higher Power watching over me must have wanted to make sure I got the message.

Message received, loud and clear. Keep your priorities straight Lisa. Recovery/faith, family friends, running, and writing all come before my job. When I honor that, I do my job better too.

I am committed to my recovery and appreciative of the support I get.  What are you committed to as a priority in your life today? Have a good day!