Simple, Not Always Easy

Today I am grateful for the entertainment of the Middle School Cabaret at my school on Saturday evening and for the bike ride Darcy and I enjoyed yesterday, amid the growing spectacle of fall color.

Life, when trimmed back to basic needs, is simple. If we have food, water, shelter, contact with other humans and nature, we pretty much have what we need.

For some, attaining these basic necessities is not an easy endeavor. They walk miles to gather water of questionable cleanliness. They rebuild a fragile shack after a hurricane or an earthquake toppled it.

And for some, like me, fully appreciating the basic necessities is not an easy endeavor. I tend to take them for granted because I have pretty much always had them.  Living gratefully, pausing to notice, helps me come back to this clarity. I have all that I need and much more.

I have so many blessings. To honor them, the best I can do is take good care of it all and pass on to others what I can. This passing on isn't just about items either, it is about positive energy, a listening ear, an open heart.

Practicing gratitude isn't always easy either. Some days I get spun up about one thing or another, and I get tunnel vision. Many opportunities to be grateful go right by me, unnoticed. One of the benefits of regular practice, of daily effort to live gratefully, is that this type of tunnel vision visits less often and stays for shorter times.

Life. Simple, but not always easy. Today I will strive to keep it simple, to ease into each hour.