Passing Storms

Today I am grateful for cereal and milk, and for electricity.

Yesterday was unusually warm and humid for early October. It was nearly 80 degrees and the moisture was thick in the air. I was ready to be done with this kind of weather weeks ago. Thankfully, it didn't last long.

It did spark some storms that blew in quickly and blew out just as quickly. The wind came up and the temperatures plummeted in a hurry. By nightfall, it was already in the upper 50's, and by this morning it was in the upper 30's.  That amounted to a 40-degree drop in about 12 hours. We are used to varied and shifting weather in these parts, but this was a more extreme change than usual.

The storm did some damage to tree limbs and made a mess of leaves, but nothing serious.

Passing storms. Key word "passing." This too shall pass. Whatever "this" is, life fluctuates and flows.

Key word "storms." Our lives will all have some. Some will come and go quickly, for others we will need to learn better ways to shelter ourselves.

I got a second (or third) wind last evening and went for a run as dark arrived and the wind was strong.
It felt really good to be out there. Fully alive and connected to nature. Running and writing are two of my shelters. What are yours?