Trout Run Trail: Hilly But Worth It

Today I am grateful for the scenic views along the Trout Run Trail we ran on this weekend, and for all who made the trail possible and maintain it for users like my husband and I.

The Trout Run Trail is an 11-mile loop in and around the city of Decorah, Iowa. If you think Iowa is flat, you haven't been to northeast Iowa, also known as "God's country" to me. I grew up in the rolling hills similar to this view from the trail:

But this trail took us higher than the hills on our farm did. I paused to take this picture when we were at mile 19, well into our second lap around the city. You can see some of the switchbacks the trail has to offer in the midsection of the picture.

The hills were challenging, but when rewarded with views like this, it makes it worth it. My husband Darcy and I had to wait out some early morning rain before we got started on this run. It was more humid than I would have preferred, but we had bathrooms and hydration when we needed them. I also appreciated the mile and half-mile markers that let us know exactly where we were on our tour.

I am an avowed endorphin junkie. Putting one foot in front of the other for four hours pays me back in many ways. I can revel in that run afterglow for days. We may be a little crazy, but Darcy and I love this challenge and we love the time together and shared experience.

The Decorah community has a trail system to be proud of. I am grateful I have been able to put it to use. I am grateful to be a runner, able-bodied and alive to enjoy another day, another challenging hill.