Celebrating the Ordinary: Round 2

Here is my second installment of "Celebrating the Ordinary" started by Marie at
Even if I didn't get to it each day, I love the idea and I love the energy it has created in the blogging world.  See AnneMarie's incredible posts, including today's, at

She talks a lot about the synchronicity going on. I believed it even more when I saw Jan's post from today at


That was after I had taken the picture above, but before I posted it and before I saw a similar picture on Jan's post.

These various stones and shells sit on a lamp table near my computer and near where much of my blogging takes place. Some have been bought at special places as I traveled or been given to me by others, while some have been gathered on beaches in California and elsewhere. You can see words on some of the stones. These words are vital to my existence and vital to my happiness and serenity. Faith. Gratitude. Patience.

Too many days I forget to look at this collection, forget to focus on the strength they exude. We all need reminders don't we?  That is what "Celebrating the Ordinary" is all about.

Earlier this evening I heard about the death of a man, Pat, who died of esophageal cancer earlier this week five years after his diagnosis. I knew his wife back in high school. I had followed his story on CarePages. The faith and courage they both showed over these last five years is commendable. He lived longer than his initial diagnosis indicated, but he died at 55. That seems so young to me.  This is a man I never met but have prayed for over the last five years. Because of the strong faith he and his wife shared, you could say their prayers were answered.

Such news always gives me perspective and more reason to celebrate the ordinary.

Thanks for starting this celebration Marie!  All any of us have is today and celebrating the ordinary is a great way to be reminded of our daily good fortune.


  1. Lisa, isn't this writing challenge fantastic? I can't believe that we had a similar theme today without even coordinating it. Both of our collections serve as reminders of strength and courage.

    I agree that 55 seems young. How wonderful that this man and his wife shared a strong faith. The power of prayer can't be overestimated.

    Thanks for your insightful post, and thanks for mentioning mine.


  2. Thanks Jan! The "S factor" gives me faith in this world.

  3. Lisa,
    I LOVE that the S factor is ongoing....... This is beautiful... and I am SO sorry about your friend. Yes, 55 is way too young...

    I am so glad you are now in my world...



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