Writing Fortunes

Today I am grateful for the many ways writing enhances my life and my level of gratitude. I am also
grateful that this blog has given me much writing practice.

Speaking of writing practice, we got some Chinese take out food the other day and got some fortune cookies. I got the idea to do a little on demand writing with them.  Today, I will grab a cookie, open it, read the fortune, and start writing.

So here goes . . . today's fortune is:

"Do not desire what you do not need."  

I have what I need and much more. My basic needs for food, clothing, and shelter are met with much convenience and many comforts. I have a fulfilling marriage, family and friends, a job that is both rewarding and challenging. I run and write for fun and for health. 

I would like to think I am not all that materialistic, but it is a reminder to keep it simple and to also be a good steward of our earthly resources. There may be gadgets and gizmos to make life even easier for me, but easier isn't always better.  I like the physical and mental effort to complete certain tasks. It keeps me in shape in mind, body, and spirit.

This fortune also reminds me to be careful of my expectations. There are times I want something to go a certain way or get a certain response. Those are expectations and they can get me in trouble.
Accept more. Expect less.

These words simply remind me to focus on what I already have and savor each day, not chase after the next best thing and lose this day in the process.  


  1. My Grandma use to say concerning wanting because others had it (sort of keeping up with the Jones's) was coveting and that is a sin. I learned early on that my thinking of wanting and not needing was not how God wanted it.

    1. There seems to be plenty of confusion about wants and needs in our society today. Gratitude practice helps remind me that my life is far fuller than it is lacking. Thanks Lana!


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