Slumber Party

Today I am grateful for my job and the people I get to work with there, adults and students alike. I am also grateful for the worker in the local ice cream shop who dished up some ice cream for Darcy and I to enjoy last evening.

As I focused on giving generous attention to the present yesterday, one person and moment I was able to give generous attention to was our grandson Leo. Actually, it was more than a moment and more like an hour that we napped together. Here he is as he is coming awake:

I slept some too, but also thoroughly enjoyed listening to his breathing, looking at his little fingers and the smooth skin on his hands, feeling his warmth as he rested on my shoulder and side. What a treat!

Then we bundled up and ran around outside for awhile with Grandpa Darcy and then Uncle Sam, chasing balls, playing peek-a-boo, watching Oliver tear around the backyard, and picking up a few sticks.

It was the kind of afternoon I needed. Generous attention to what matters most--family.
Generous attention to the present, not the whiny stuff I could have gotten into as a long holiday weekend winds down.

Onward into this day, with the same plan--generous attention to the present. 


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