19 for 19

Today I am grateful for coffee, bananas, and life experience to help bring perspective.

Yesterday I had the number 19 on my mind for 19 years since I met Darcy and for the significance of the 19th amendment on a significant election day.

So why not a gratitude list of 19?  Here we go:

1. Darcy and our family
2. The home we have, going beyond the four walls
3. Friends in recovery
4. Faith in God/Great Spirit
5. Freedoms enjoyed as an American citizen
6. Almonds for a healthy and hearty snack
7. The professionalism of my colleagues
8. Refreshing peppermint mints
9. Storage space to keep areas tidy
10. Laughter, deep and true
11. The vacillating human energy in a school
12. Being able to vote
13. Polling place volunteers
14. Carry-out pizza
15. My siblings and mom
16. My extended family
17. Being a parent and stepparent
18. Being a grandparent
19. Running with our grandson Leo

And here we go into this day, new and interesting.