Blazing New Trails

Today I am grateful for the brothers-and sisters-in law who add much to our family. (Good to connect with you yesterday Bob!) I am also grateful for all of those who made the newest stretch of running/biking trail in our area possible. 

The new portion is part of a growing trail system in and around our community and we really appreciate seeing the expansion. We also savor the views of our beautiful river country that these various miles afford us. 

This is one of two bridges on the 4-mile stretch of new trail Darcy and I traversed for the first time on Saturday. We did the whole stretch and turned around and went back so we got a good view of all the work that went in to bringing this to fruition.

This project took over a year and a half and more than 8 million dollars to complete. Rock had to be blasted, bridges engineered and built, trees cleared, and much, much more. Now, a beautiful stretch of trail is available to thousands of people.

What about the projects in our own lives? What about the personal trails we blaze, or hope to blaze? 
They may require years or simply hours or minutes. They will require our effort and our faith in the process and ourselves. They sure do make amazing new views possible though. 

Every day I focus on gratitude is a day to blaze new trails of peace and mindfulness.


  1. I am headed this way, walk along with me...

    1. I am here. Walking . . . in gratitude and grace.


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