And the Third Fortune Says . . .

Today I am grateful for mild November weather and a bike ride yesterday with Darcy. I am also grateful for my eyesight.

I've got another fortune cookie and I just opened it. The fortune reads:

"Be receptive to new ideas from all fronts."

Keep an open mind and a right-sized ego. Those new ideas may come from others, or they may even come from my own mind.

From all fronts. An idea or inspiration may come from a place or person least expected. If I am paying attention, and not judging, I am often surprised by what transpires. 

The more mindfully present I am, the more my head and heart are open to possibility. Open because they aren't cluttered with overthinking or overanalyzing. They each find peace in pauses and feel the emotion of the here and now. What a gift!

Receptive. Able to receive. I can't do this life as a solo act. I need others and a Great Spirit to guide me. I am grateful for all who make a difference in my life. I am deeply blessed.