Today I am grateful for coffee and clementines.  I am also grateful for energy to get up and head into a new day, even when I may feel tired or a little disheartened.

I heard the word mosaic the other day and it stuck in my thoughts. Beautiful mosaics are created a stone or tile at a time. The entire pattern may already be a vision in the mind of the artist, or it may take shape and come together in unexpected ways.

Either way, it is art, created with patience and persistence. And a creative mind. One stone or tile by itself may carry little meaning, but as part of a mosaic it becomes vital. The mosaic would be incomplete without it.

Our lives are mosaics, built day by day, experience by experience. We may have goals of what shape our life's mosaic will take, and we can influence it some. Yet, we aren't even providing all the tiles and stones. Many are provided for us. Some bring color, others bring contrast or texture.  And the mortar is pretty much out of our hands, provided by a Great Spirit/God.

It is humbling to think about this mosaic of my life in such terms. A stone at a time, with help. But there is also so much hope in that simplicity.  Pick up the stone of today and decide where it will be placed so as to add beauty and depth to my story. That's all.