Saints and Seconds

Today I am grateful for morning coffee and songs that honor others and their lives.

"Keep it simple" is a good phrase for me to carry through my day.  I can start with this post.

Today is All Saints' Day in the Catholic church and some other churches. I work at a Catholic school and we will have a mass today. I appreciate that more now than I did growing up. Then, it was just a day I had to go to church. Now, it is a day to remember family and others who have died.

I am especially thinking of my brother-in-law Roger. He died one year ago today, from early onset Lewy Body Dementia. And I am thinking of my dad, and Darcy's grandparents.  Such thoughts remind me to appreciate those living and breathing loved ones I share my life with.  Let go of petty frustrations and remember what and who really matters.

Seconds. That is what our lives are comprised of, and sooner or later we all have our last earthly seconds. Seconds are all it takes to stop and breathe and return to the precious present. Seconds are all it takes to say "I love you" or "I am sorry."  Seconds can be enough to feel the awe of nature or the exquisite joy in a child's laughter.

Saints and seconds. Keep it simple. Honor both today.