That's a Late Bloomer!

Today I am grateful for my fellow BC sisters at our local breast cancer support group and for the laughter shared amidst serious business.

The picture below is a clematis along the fence line in our backyard. The picture was taken yesterday--November 16. Now, that's what I call a late bloomer! It has been a very odd fall here weather-wise.

The kind of odd that I have fully appreciated and that had me running in shorts and short sleeves pretty recently. The kind where I can have the windows down in my car on my commute home and enjoy the fresh air without freezing. The kind that doesn't come along every year. (If it did, I would be worried about what that means for our global climate.)

These blooms are not the full blooms of spring and summer, and the greenery on the rest of the plant is mostly gone. But it is a blossoming flower in November, late in the season. It's tenacious and has some nice color.

I'm a late bloomer too. Tenacious. Healthy glow on my cheeks most days. Not as vibrant as I used to be in some ways, but more vibrant in others. One of those ways is through my writing. My daily writing via this blog has been a great way to channel my energy and gratitude practice, and also a great way to hone the craft of writing.

Many of you already know I have started a second blog titled Late Bloomer and Slow Learner.
It is in the early stages, just months old and less than 40 posts, but it is a furthering of my writing passion and an extension of the idea that I am indeed a late bloomer and a slow learner. Check it out.

It is deeply humbling to be here, able-bodied, healthy in mind, body, and spirit. There is much to be done and I will do my part today. Bloom on!