This Fortune? Comfort Zones

Today I am grateful for my sense of hearing and the many sounds that bring me joy and peace. I am also grateful for the nice weather this weekend and enjoying time outside.

I had one last fortune cookie on hand for this morning's post. It was a fun way to approach a few blog posts, mix things up a bit, and to practice writing "on demand."

This fortune reads:

"Comfort zones are most often expanded through discomfort." 

Amen to that! I need to reach a place of comfort first to feel confident and relaxed enough to fully experience whatever it is that is going on or that I am doing. That alone expands my thoughts and emotions in positive, healthy ways.  

But if I get too comfortable in that zone, I get complacent. Things get stagnant and growth stops. Fun stops. Things become more like drudgery or duty. 

So pushing beyond my comfort zones may not always be what I want to do, but I know it will help and I will learn more about myself, others, and our world. Sometimes I can push myself into that area of discomfort. At other times, circumstances or fate force me into it. Either way, I stand to benefit.
As long as I keep an open mind and heart.

What comfort zone do I need to push beyond today? How about you?