Today I am grateful for all veterans, past and present, and their service to our country. I am also grateful for our English language and the many wonderful words contained in it.

I fully appreciate the following quote, especially the word uncynical. Uncynical. Not pessimistic. Optimistic.

"Strive to be uncynical, to be a hope-giving force, to be a steward of substance."
Maria Popova 

This week has provided ample fodder for cynicism. The election alone was loaded with it. Add to that a low turnout at an event I helped organize and some work cynicism stemming from the state of parenthood today. A draining pessimism was evident.

Enter the hope-giving force. A new day. Perspective. They both help. And to be the best steward of substance, simply find the substance in this moment and draw energy from it. That is mindful gratitude. Pause and look for the substance and it is easily found. Air to breathe. Sounds to hear. People to love. Food to eat. Worthwhile tasks to complete.

Mindful gratitude makes me uncynical. Or at least less cynical and heading in the right direction.

I will be back blogging early next week. Have a good, uncynical day!