Too Much Hate, Not Enough ________________

Today I am grateful for my family and friends and how they enrich my life in so many ways. I am also grateful for the easy trail access we have from our house. 

Recent news has brought more devastating and disturbing news about the toll of hate in our country. I am not even going to mention a place or what happened. As soon as that is thrown out there, people tend to jump in on one side or the other.

Why take sides? Isn’t all hate something we should work to dispel?

Hate is not something I feel toward others. The harshest hatred in my life has been the kind I turned on myself. Thankfully, that has subsided considerably and if it shows itself, it doesn’t last long or cut as deeply.

Other people can certainly frustrate, disappoint, scare, and worry me, but hate is so pointless. It is wasted energy. Or energy that ends up doing a great deal of harm, often to innocent people. Both the hated and the hater are destroyed.

I had to learn patience, tolerance, open-mindedness, compassion, and love of self before I could stop being so hard on myself. Before I could banish self-hatred from the main seat it had at the table of my life.

How about applying that same patience, tolerance, open-mindedness, compassion, and love to our fellow humans?  Focusing on differences increases the divide. Finding common ground closes the chasm.

Gratefulness can be a good start on reaching a place where all of humanity treats the rest of humanity with humanity. Many people, some of them living in other countries, speaking other languages and having religious and political convictions different from mine, have had much to do with the fortunate life I have today. 

Food on our table. Clothes to wear. Technological advancements. Music. Art. Coffee to drink. Clean air to breathe. Defending freedom and the rights of women and children. Smiles that all can understand. (Naysayers will refute these examples, but isn't there truth in them?) 

There is too much hate and not enough ______________ in the world. We can each fill in that blank by doing our part to bring more kindness and acceptance to our neighborhoods, far and wide.


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    1. Peace. It starts with individuals and spreads outward, just like hate can.
      Let's keep up the peaceful work we are doing. Thanks Steve!


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