There Are No Guarantees, But . . .

Today I am grateful for the joy our dog Oliver displays when he frolics in the backyard grass. I am also grateful for good reading material.

In recent posts I have talked about everything from strength training and 5-day cleanses, to the spiritual work of ego deflation. All stem from and contribute to my gratitude practice as well.

Healthy habits don't guarantee a longer life. There are no such guarantees. But healthy habits bring balance, energy, and more peaceful days.

Living life as "each day is a gift unto itself" works for me. I don't know how many days I will get, so I might as well live fully in this one.

Some take the approach that since there are no guarantees, why not live it up and be risky? Living it up might be unhealthy habits like drinking, smoking, overeating, too many hours on Netflix. Anything that leads to imbalance arguably is unhealthy. We all have this imbalance from time to time, but if it becomes my usual state, it also becomes slippery and dangerous.

I would rather choose to live out this idea: There are no guarantees that the healthy habits I do each day will give me more days to live, but they will certainly help me live more each day.