Oh Deer!

Today I am grateful for time with recovery friends and the wisdom they share. I am also grateful for the soothing sound of water in fountains.

The natural creatures just keep putting on a show in our neighborhood. Last night, I had just put my car in the garage and stepped out on to our driveway. At that moment, a deer came over a knoll across the street and continued to run right past our house and on down the trail and grassy area.

We have lived in this house for over 10 years and I have never seen a deer this close to our home. We do live near a golf course with wooded areas, so seeing a deer isn't shocking.

What struck me last evening was the timing. If I had stepped out a minute earlier or later, I would have missed the show, the graceful strides of the deer. I would have missed yet another reminder of the awe and beauty of nature.

I am grateful for good timing and working eyesight in this moment. But I am also grateful for those moments when good timing meant I didn't have to see something difficult or was kept safe in a close call I may not even have known about.


  1. "Awe and beauty of nature.." I miss the long hikes with Roger when we almost always saw something that was natures beauty. A bird, a coyote, deer and a black goat that was part of a deer herd. He was munching along with the other deer and was accepted into their world.

    1. Humans could take a lesson from that black goat and the deer who welcomed and accepted him. Let's keep our eyes and ears open for more opportunities to witness nature at its best. Thanks!


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