A Bee at Work

Today I am grateful for the ordination ceremony we attended last evening, the beautiful cathedral it took place in, and the people who have committed to being of further service to the Episcopal Church.

Congratulations especially to Mary and Beth, two women from our home parish who were ordained as priests last evening. Thank you for your ongoing service!

I also appreciate the busy bee who joined me on our front patio just a few minutes ago. It was here to do what bees do-gather pollen and nectar from some flowers. It likely will return to the colony it resides in and help feed others. As it goes about the business of gathering food, it also does the important work of pollinating.

Pollination helps with the vital process of reproduction. That bee was doing what it does naturally, and the pollen gets dispersed almost as an afterthought. Nature has an amazing and intricate way of taking care of the business it needs to.

What a wonderful reminder to me this morning to respect all of nature and to do my part today.