Father Figures

Today I am grateful for a beautiful morning and a cup of coffee to share with my husband Darcy on our back patio.

On this Father's Day, we can each reflect on our own fathers. I feel blessed to have known my father throughout my formative years and into adulthood. I feel blessed that his legacy lives on in my generation and the next. He was kind and caring in many ways, a hard worker and good provider, a man who enjoyed making conversation and reading the newspaper, a person who was usually pretty calm (unless he was trying to get pigs on a truck) and someone with a dry sense of humor.

But some people have never known their fathers, because of death or other circumstances. Or they have had strained and distant relationships. If they have been fortunate enough, others have stepped up to be father figures in their lives.

Maybe it was an uncle, a neighbor, an older sibling, a grandfather. Thank you today to all of those men who have stepped up to be good examples and teachers for others when they needed it.

A special thank you to Matt, my husband Darcy's paternal grandfather, who was an important father figure in Darcy's life and whose legacy also lives on. 

And an extra special thank you to Darcy for being the real deal, top-notch father and
grandfather he is.