Today I am grateful for time with our grandson Leo and that my husband Darcy and I encourage one another in our efforts to exercise and eat healthier.

Darcy and I just completed a 5-day cleanse. We have done it before and appreciated the results. Pounds taken off. A body detoxified.  Discipline is required and it is good that we have each other to support through it. It is just a start, however.

I love food and I love sweets. I run to eat and eat to run. When I reward myself with treats, I justify some of it because I am not drinking or smoking.

But if I start on the sugar, I can end up consuming it like I did beers-one after the other. So I will continue with the self-discipline and appreciate the sweetness of many natural foods like fruit. I will give myself permission to cheat a little. Austere eating all the time just tends to make me crabby.

I am grateful for the lovingkindness I have shown my body this week, and that my efforts have been rewarded. Clothes fit better. Bunion bothers me less. Mind feels sharper. Motivation is strong to continue. The tough part for me is to continue better eating habits, continue to take off a few more pounds of excess weight. A tool that is helpful for me is to write down everything I eat in a day and keep a calorie count. That keeps me more honest.

Mindful eating slows me down and helps me see food as nourishment and a blessing. One bite at a time. One meal at a time. One day at a time.


  1. This is motivating Lisa. I can make a teensy change - eating-wise (versus eating-foolish) today.

    1. I like that-eating wise versus eating foolish. We pulled out some healthy recipes we haven't used in a while and fruit is tasting pretty sweet Thanks Aileen!🙂


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