Displaced-A Road Runs Through It

Today I am grateful for safe travels this weekend and a nice visit with my friend Betsy yesterday.

Displaced is one of those words I rarely use myself, and mostly hear on news reports about natural disasters and war-torn areas. It usually has some sort of unsettling connotation.

I am thinking about it differently after this weekend. My mother-in-law Marlene is being displaced from her home by a major road construction project. We have known about this for years, but now things are starting to happen. 

It has been a lot for her to consider and causes some stress, but some of that was alleviated this weekend as the process begins for appraisal of her property. She has also found a place to relocate.

We helped Marlene move in to her current home 12 years ago. She has really enjoyed having her own yard and space and put much time and energy into it. We have appreciated having a place to stay when we visit as well. 

It was compelling to see a construction model that literally relocates a road right where Marlene's house currently is. I can only imagine how that felt to her.

She is now looking ahead to a new residence that fit all her criteria and also gets the stamp of approval from her two children. There is excitement on many fronts. Being displaced can bring advantages and opportunities.

It brings to mind what I can and need to displace in my own life. I have thoughts and feelings that need dislodging. Replace fears that stall me out or paralyze me. Replace them with action and face them with faith.



  1. Hard to imagine a road where a house once stood. Change is constant. Displace our fear with faith and take the road less traveled.

    1. Change is indeed constant. It can either energize or deplete us, or some of both. But I would rather be moving than static. Taking faith with us is always a good plan. Thanks Word Hound!


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