Made in the Shade

Today I am grateful for the glasses I wear and the ways they help me see my surroundings more fully. I am also grateful for city utilities that make our lives easier and cleaner.

Yesterday our church had an outdoor service, followed by a picnic lunch. It had been very hot and humid on Saturday, but we were treated to cooler and drier air as we sat in the shade on an acreage where one of our priests lives. Thank you to our hosts Bob and Phyllis!

We were in part celebrating the recent ordination of our two newest priests, Beth and Mary, who were celebrants for the first time since ordination.

It seems we were also celebrating our congregation, small but steady, and the lovely backdrop only an outdoor service can provide. The sky was deep blue, the trees vibrant green, the airplanes nearly silent as they crossed the wide blue yonder. The wind gracefully swayed the soybeans in a nearby field, got the wind chimes chiming, kept the bugs away, and provided what I like to describe as a luscious cooling breeze.

At times the wind grew stronger and offered challenges to those trying to manage aspects of the service, including my husband, one of our deacons.

Aren't many things in life like a breeze can be?  A blessing at times, a challenge at others?  I am not a huge fan of organized church services, but when I look for blessings and listen for joy and insight, I always seem to find them.  It's just easier finding them outside, in nature, which always makes me feel closer to the Great Spirit.